Our Story

Our total focus is sustaining the growth and long-term success of our clients by making innovative, reliable and trusted banking technology available to you, accompanied by great client service.

Our key stakeholders are our clients and our people.

Our culture and values are built on the strongest principles. As our Mission Statement says, we do everything with passion, integrity and dedication.

Ultracs is a modern banking system built on a single database. It is totally member-centric and completely omni-channel, seamlessly integrating all the business processes and touch-points that are needed to compete in the market place today.

Ultracs gives you the tools to build deeper financial relationships with your customers via a powerful 360-degree view of the member and real-time data across multiple channels.

Ultracs will delight your staff and your customers with its workbench setup and clean, modern viewpoints, and a user experience that is second to none regardless of how members choose to bank with you.

For more than four decades we have been delivering state-of-the-art software solutions for banking and finance.  Our relational database design provides virtually unlimited scalability and operational flexibility, along with real-time data protection. We have helped hundreds of financial institutions globally gain a competitive advantage throughout our proud 40+ year history.

What we do

Our team of experts have in-depth knowledge of our solutions to help you stay at the forefront of technology. We have one banking system, Ultracs, and it is our focus and our passion. We are proud to be continually innovating - from concept design and client consultation, through the whole life-cycle to implementation with our clients, our team delivers.


We constantly push the boundaries. We listen to our clients and other industry contributors, we innovate and we deliver those solutions efficiently and quickly to help our clients stay ahead in a challenging landscape.

Regular feedback on industry changes and trends are your way to influence the ongoing development path of the Ultracs core banking system.

Regulatory Review

We review the regulatory landscape continually. We work with you to ensure that the changes meet your obligations to protect your members and your organization.

Our Value Proposition