Mobile Banking - Ultracs App 2

Ultracs Corp’s latest mobile banking application solution Ultracs App 2, is a smart combination of banking, sales, marketing, and communication.

This app, native for both iOS and Android, delivers fast and secure banking transactions and can host various additional features such as ATM and branch geolocation, public finance management tools, calculators, and news links.

In addition, by using our Ultracs CMS (content management solution), you can take control of your sales and marketing strategies and engage directly with your customers via an app that has been specifically tailored to your needs.  

Best of all, the solution integrates seamlessly with Ultracs core banking, a single database with a powerful 360-degree view of the customer and access to real-time data across multiple channels.

Internet Banking – My Viewpoint

Ultracs Corp’s Internet banking platform, My Viewpoint, provides customers with easy access to a full range of financial services.

My Viewpoint benefits from digital advancements including mobile responsiveness is a significant advantage of My Viewpoint as it provides customers with a consistent and great banking experience regardless of their preferred device whether it be desktop, tablet or phone.

Business benefits include:

  • A range of parameters and restrictions can be set for all, some or individual customers as required - giving you flexibility to suit your own business requirements.
  • Seamless integration to the Ultracs core banking system makes the solution easy to manage and provides a complete single view of the customer.
  • The best industry tools are used for security measures.
  • A great variety of additional add-on modules and continuing functionality is available to ensure you have the most complete internet banking solution in the marketplace.


Ultracs Corp’s Onboarding solution makes the acquisition of customers easy as it provides a great self-service user experience for consumers to identify themselves and be set up as a complete customer on any device within minutes.  

Through seamless, real-time integration with various Ultracs solutions Onboarding enables a variety of use cases for new customers from account creation and more.

Onboarding brings together Ultracs core banking, My Viewpoint internet banking, Ultracs App 2, and the services of a third-party identity verification provider to enable all the necessary steps you require for the complete creation of a customer.

Onboarding also optionally uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to recognize text within a digital image. Customers can provide details from relevant identification documentation (drivers license or passport) - potentially as quickly as taking a photo with their phone - which is then electronically scanned, checked, and used to populate existing form fields, simplifying the process of creating a customer profile and savings account.

Ultracs CMS and Ultracs Forms

With limitless extensibility and integration opportunities, Ultracs CMS and Ultracs Forms really shine as first-class content management and forms system, making data capture easy for you, and data submission easy for your customers.                               

Websites and Intranets:

Our skills in developing engaging, responsive web design, built on a sophisticated, enterprise-level content management system - Ultracs CMS - have been refined over many years. The result is a solution that gives you the power of content control, all easily updated, and the delivery of a consistent message across all integrated platforms.

Conversion Rate Optimization and Web Analytics

We can also help you get the best out of your digital marketing activities. Maximize your return on marketing investment and drive customer engagement through Ultracs Corp's digital consultancy services.

We specialize in the following

  • Web Analytics
  • Online Form Analytics
  • Behavioral Analytics (Heat Mapping)
  • Split Testing (A/B Testing)
  • Marketing campaign support

Our Value Proposition