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Core Credit Union Processing

The Ultracs Core Credit Union Solution will let your organization innovate and push new boundaries to capture new markets while keeping your brand safe and sustainable.

The Ultracs Core Credit Union Solution is a single-core processing solution built to deliver mission-critical services and products to credit unions quickly and without fail.

We invest heavily in an aggressive development program for the entire ‘Ultracs Ecosystem’ which includes new and existing software solutions designed to anticipate consumer trends and changing banking industry regulations and standards.

Our technology is built using robust and reliable Rocket Software databases and Microsoft technologies, notwithstanding flexible deployment options such as Cloud, on-premises, and shared environments.

This cutting-edge financial technology leads the market in digital banking, marketing and communications, onboarding and sales, customer engagement, personal financial management, personal banking, and fraud prevention.


Ultracs Ecosystem

The wonder of an ‘all in one shop’

The Ultracs Ecosystem an ‘all in one shop’ competitive advantage allows organizations to activate their ability to deliver on business objectives of growth, sustainability, and cost efficiencies. It can deliver member service and tellering across any device in real-time and provides instant access to member information, which is critical to delivering excellent service with every interaction and propping up brands to the next level in real-time processing and digital banking experiences.

Regarding innovation and market opportunities, our Ultracs Ecosystem is the gateway for credit unions to create bespoke product offering strategies and supporting user interfaces to deliver intuitive and tailored digital banking experiences for customers and target markets.