Ultracs: One System. A single source of truth. Endless possibilities.

Think about a core processing system on steroids with the member in the center of the universe. 

Ultracs is a functionally rich, stable, and robust core banking system with a wide range of additional products to give you a one stop solution to run your banking organization.

  • Core banking system with full payments processing and financial management to balance your bank so that you remain safe and secure and in business for a long time
  • Member relationship management solution to focus on your most important asset - your member – and it’s not just an add on, it is fundamentally designed into the system
  • Loan origination and end to end loan management solution to support your member’s most important buying decisions
  • Banking on your devices - self-service solutions for internet banking and mobile app banking for the member’s own “branch on the go”
  • Fraud management solution to protect all of your members’ transactions
  • Full suite of payment channels including cards and credit cards, checks, ACH and bill payment options

Member relationship management

The face of the Ultracs solution is a single member view that captures every contact, service and member touch-point. Members’ products and account relationships are visible on a single screen allowing your teams to work with one solution, and deliver excellent service simply and easily.

Banking anywhere, anytime

Ultracs is the relationship banking core system which means every one of your team can be a branch. You don’t have to wait for your members to come to you – get your team out of the office and meet your members in their workplace or at your sponsored event to offer a unique member experience. Your Ultracs system can run on a tablet or laptop with direct access to the Ultracs core system.

True Member Enjoyment

With a fully responsive internet banking solution, you can delight your members whether they’re using their mobile phone, their tablet, or their desktop computer. Create your ideal member experience while providing the key services, have secure communications directly with your member as well as integrated cross-selling and marketing opportunities.

Plus, put everything at your members’ fingertips with Ultracs App. It’s fun; it’s convenient; it’s friendly; and it works!

Core banking modules

Ultracs offers an extensive list of integrated core banking modules.