REACH Conference 2019 OCTOBER 26-30, MONTEREY, CA

Becoming a Credit Union chameleon in an ever-changing financial services environment, was the topic Ultracs Corp presented at the 2019 REACH Conference, which focused on how credit unions could succeed through utilizing Multi Branding, Neo Banking & member segmentation.

With the numbers of CUs shrinking, and many new challengers in the market, Ultracs Corp covered some unique ideas to help all credit unions not just survive, but to thrive.

The presentation drew on international experience and industry best-practice, demonstrating that the secret to standing out in the crowd could be achieved through merging, brand or reinvention.

Ultracs Corp experience and results demonstrated that thriving credit unions:

  • - have a real affinity with their members
  • - build meaningful relationships with members
  • - develop superior member experiences
  • - create niche products for different segments
  • - create niche pricing for different segments
  • - focus on a digital-first strategy
  • - undertake targeted member marketing
  • - develop superior member and staff workflows
  • - provide enhanced services
  • - make the mundane magically easy…

The Ultracs Credit Union Solution provides your credit union with the tools to thrive. It supports the operation of multiple credit unions as well as multiple brands within a single-core system through the aptly-names Multi Branding solution.

The solution also supports marketing activities allowing you to segment your members and deliver targeted campaigns so you can reach the right people at the right time with the right message. 

A Case Study highlighted that Credit Unions managing their multi-banding activities using Ultracs are some of the most successful within their market. One of the most successful credit unions in Australia uses Ultracs to maintain relevance and thrive.

  • - $8+ billion in assets & 200,000+ members
  • - One Ultracs core operating multiple brands
  • - Different branding, and brand experiences, at every member touch-point
  • - Named one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies for the sixth year running
  • - Attained the Australian banking industry's highest Net Promoter Score
  • - Multi Branding is an ongoing strategic direction

How to stay true to your core values and be a credit union in an environment where buzzwords like ‘neo bank’ are everywhere is challenging, but Ultracs Corp believes that if you broaden your appeal to new market segments, you will continue to thrive.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about how Ultracs Corp can help your credit union find a new way to blend in with the new environment, whatever it might look like.