Ultracs Onboarding Solution

Complement your member retention strategy and marketing efforts with a remarkable member digital experience. Ultracs Onboarding Solution enables new members to join seamlessly within minutes.

Ultracs Corp’s Onboarding is the ideal solution for credit unions planning to make it easier and safer for new members to join. It offers exceptional flexibility giving full creative control over workflow and design - to deploy your own branding and control the look and feel of the apps. From the moment a new acquisition applies for an account, they will be greeted by your customized welcome screen and guided through each step on their journey to becoming a new member with you in minutes.  Powered by a third-party identity verification provider application are fulfilled securely, in real-time, and your new member can begin banking immediately. 

The Ultracs Onboarding solution is governed by three key principles; The first, seamless integration with Ultracs Core Banking, Ultracs CMS and third-party solutions.  Secondly, member and credit union security and meeting compliance. And finally, enhancing credit unions’ operational efficiency and profitability.


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