The key reason to update your core banking platform is to modernize your existing technology platform, reduce operational overheads, and enhance the overall member experience across multiple service channels.

The core banking transformation is one element of a digital banking transformation a Credit Union can undertake. We commit to a long-term partnership with our clients and invest in digital technology to provide a sophisticated banking solution for our clients’ members.

We recognise that our client’s needs are changing; online banking services are quickly becoming the primary banking channel for most of our clients' members.

By undertaking a digital transformation our clients are responding to the needs of their members through the continual improvement of digital banking technologies, proving their commitment to investment in technology such as the provision of Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

Many Credit Unions are looking at ways to reinvest their profits to provide improved products and services for their members, with an ethos of banking with a conscience.

Our clients are thrilled with the way their projects have come to life, and member feedback has been great providing our clients with real optimism for the future.