Helping Your Business Customers Get Back to Business


When you think about it, small business is really big business for us all in the United States. Last year, before the pandemic hit, the U.S Small Business Administration (SBA) reported over 31 million small businesses are registered, employing nearly half of the workforce (47 percent)* and contributing significantly to the U.S economy.

But some small businesses have been doing it tough. The restrictions put in place to minimalize the spread of COVID-19 have made it challenging for some businesses to operate. No doubt many thrived, others closed and many are still making it through. Those that have survived know they need to operate differently and it is going to take time to build up their businesses again. 

The small business owner will welcome the financial institution that can simplify their banking process, and can;

  • - Offer digital banking  
  • - Offer contactless payments
  • - Save them time 
  • - Separate business and personal bank account
  • - Offer competitive business loans

Ultracs Corp understands what matters to Small Business

More than ever small businesses need a financial institution that not only understands, but can support them through challenging times, offer the right advice, and offer solutions that save time and increase profitability.

With Ultracs you have the information, capabilities, and data available in your core banking system that provide insight to help you truly understand and optimize your business members’ experience. With Ultracs you can turn shortfalls into opportunities to improve their banking experience and advance their business bottom line.

Data insights can show which business customers may be doing it tough. This is an opportunity to strengthen ties by reaching out to check on your business customers’ welfare and letting them know; if required, there are available resources to help them weather the storm.

When considering your current banking solution, can you:

  • - Send business customers an automated message to their home banking portal?
  • - Provide an online solution option to allow switching their manual bill payment and payroll system to an automated solution?
  • - Allow your small business customers to manage authorization of transactions, multiple signing authorities, or upload data to 3rd party accounting packages?

The Ultracs Solution - Back to Business

To exceed your business customers’ expectations Ultracs Corp has developed a dedicated business management solution to help you better connect to your business customer and deliver what they want and when they want it.  Our solution will allow financial institutions to help more traditional business banking customers understand the benefits of embracing digital banking and to work with your financial institution remotely.  In fact, some of our clients have completely transformed the way they operate, others realize they need to operate differently in the new normal.

Ultracs Business Viewpoint allows for a consistently great user experience across desktop, mobile, and tablet. Find out more 

In summary, the disruptions caused by the pandemic have also afforded new opportunities to help you reconnect with your business customers. Financial institutions that understand the needs of their business customers now, and take actions to improve their customers’ business banking experience, will enjoy continued loyalty and retention and will remain competitive.

The Ultracs Corp Ecosystem has a variety of powerful solutions that will help your credit union:

  • - Identify opportunities to target business customers.
  • - Personalize solutions for business customers.
  • - Empower your business customers to get back to business with convenient digital solutions.

We have partnered with over 100 financial institutions to help them achieve their business goals. Ultracs Corp can help you too!