Ultracs Collections provides a flexible and parameter driven solution that is totally integrated with the Ultracs Core Processing system. 

This allows you to tailor your collections activity to maximise recovery through a combination of fast automated actions, and trackable case management, covering the entire lifecycle of a debt.

Collections are a part of money management that can be addressed in many ways, but at Ultracs Corp we believe that our Ultracs Collections solution provides you with the opportunities to approach debt collection in ways that may help maintain member relationships.

The flexibility of the Collections module can greatly enhance your risk management procedures by allowing you to customize, categorize, select and maintain arrears, over-limit and overdrawn accounts, based on your own business processes and requirements.


The solution:

  • Allows Credit Unions to proactively manage risk throughout the collections lifecycle for all products
  • Automates the allocation of cases based on set criteria defined by the Credit Union
  • Allows automatic actions and workflows based on pre-determined actions to occur with no staff intervention
  • An easy to use solution with a summary of arrears cases allowing staff to manage cases more efficiently
  • Automatic updates to members
  • Digital member self-service and arrears management

Key functions include the ability to:

  • Capture delinquency for overdrafts, credit cards and loans
  • Ensure right staff are allocated phi
  • Determine workflow for cases
  • Set arrangements
  • Automate and track actions & arrangements
  • Set fee charging
  • Create consistent member communication
  • Send files to multiple Credit Bureaus in the market
  • Charge off processing
  • Create workflows for Bankruptcy, Foreclosure and Repossession
  • Allow for system capture of data for updating of all Legal Actions including Bankruptcy, Repossessions, & Foreclosure
  • And, is fully compliant with Metro 2 requirements
  • Digital member self-service and arrears management


  • Single client view, awareness for staff
  • Detailed collections capability
  • Contact management
  • Workflow
  • Events and Follow-ups
  • Account Management
  • Application information
  • Security register
  • Letters and forms
  • Ease of communication


  • Allocation of Officer/Institution/Order
  • Define letters and variables
  • Fees Set Up – automatic and manual
  • Segregate member data, to manage accounts in different ways
  • Conditions - what causes an account to be captured
  • Sequence of Events - determine automatic actions when captured
  • Assigned to task list overnight based on your criteria

Let us show you

Ultracs Corp would love to show you just how good Ultracs Collections really is.  Pick a time convenient to you, and contact us and we will schedule and demonstrate online, in 60 minutes, why you should consider not just a new Collections solution but possibly a whole new Core Processing environment.